I was always a huge Rdio supporter and was really upset when I heard they were closing down. I had tried Spotify a few before and never really could dig it. I felt like the UX was weird and trying to find things was always a pain.

After missing release after release of some of my favorite artist’s music I was looking around in the API to determine what I could be doing wrong and realized I hadn’t followed the artists as diligently as I had on Rdio.

I also noticed that my Discover Weekly playlist wasn’t really playing what I really liked, which was because of the same reason.

I decided to write an app that would be able to get my Rdio artists and albums and I could choose to follow the same artist as well as save the album to my collection, hopefully being able to reach 1:1 parity with my Rdio account.


After some time of going through my albums and adding them I started hitting a random error that wouldn’t allow me to add anymore music to my collection. Apparently Spotify only allows a user to “save” 10,000 songs.

I had a fun time playing with Spotify’s API and learning a bit about it. At the end of the day I went through my list and followed the artists I had in my Rdio collection but wasn’t able to get all the albums over.