I'm James Hall

The Adventure Begins

July 30, 2020 01:12 pm

I’ve always been a huge dungeons and dragons fan. I read a majority of DnD books in highschool, with The Crystal Shard being my starting point. After falling in love with the world of forgotten realms, I fell into Dragons of Autumn Twilight and the world of Dragonlance. I remember playing DnD on many weekends in my highschool years, although at the time it was NOT the okay thing to do. It was considered too nerdy, dumb, lame (and other terrible insults). I eventually fell out of playing it and moved on with my life, all the while still reading fantasy novels and loving seeing it becoming more normalized.

Fast foward to early 2019 when a co-worker at Dribbble tells me that he’d be down to DM an adventure with a few co-workers. We attempted to tackle the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but with only 2-3 sessions in we didn’t get very far, mainly due to all of us being remote and in vastly differing timezones. But it did light a fire to want to get another group going.

Thanks to COVID and everyone being stuck at home, I was able to convince a bunch of friends here in atlanta to give it a shot. We have a few of us who have played before, and a few who haven’t. It’s been a grand time getting back into it, and being in a different world than the one that surrounds us.

I decided to jump into the DM spot and have been leading this group on the Dragon of Icespire Peak campaign. We’ve only had one session, but it’s been a blast.

In our group we have:

SPOILER WARNING BELOW: After each session, I share the notes of what happend with the group, and here is the notes from the first session.

  • The adventurers met, and explored a bit of the city.
  • The group adventured toward Umbridge hill and fell upon an newly deserted camp. Six, while trying to determine what creatures were at the camp, slipped and had his hands land in a huge pile of excrement, in which they determined was Orc droppings.
  • The orcs seemingly left in a different direction, but the group does now know they’re in the heart of Orc country
  • Once to the hill, they found a manticore harassing the woman in the windmill, Razkl shouted to get it’s attention, and then Six attacked with a perfectly shot arrow.
  • A melee ensued, much with the manticore being unfocused and unable to attack with intent.
  • It managed to get a good hit on Kettle before being knocked to near death.
  • Kettle decided to show mercy on the creature and let it escape.
  • In its haste to leave the scene, the manticore dropped a Ray of Frost scroll.
  • The adventurers went inside, where the woman asked where the body of the manticore was, in which Kettle told her they ate it. She remarked she was glad that happened, as letting it live could bring bad tidings in the future.
  • Kettle received a potion of healing for his troubles
  • The group asked the woman to come back to the town but she refused, outright. She did write a note for the group to take back to the town master.
  • The group returned back to phandalin in good shape with a note from the woman, to be returned to the townmaster.

I have to admit, it’s a great group of characters and each of them are already showing some great backstories and character traits. I’m excited to jump back in with the group to see what happens next!