I'm James Hall

Adventures with Ada the Scout, Part I

July 28, 2020 01:12 pm

I crank up Ada The Scout and she begrudgingly starts, i’m excited, as tonight is the night I take her down the street. I’m ready. I know the system through and through, we can do this.

I back down the driveway… the brakes are still super uncomfortable to me, I feel a bit uneasy, but know I can just brake early and i’ll be fine. It’s a side road. I back into the road, and yank on the wheel to get it lined up to go down the road. I’m nervous, sweaty, I see down the street theres two trucks parked on the street, pretty near each other, but enough room to wiggle through. I think to myself “I can thread the needle, this is just a car, you’re over thinking it…”

Ada sounds like a hot rod as we drive down towards the needle, I’m loving it. As I get closer to the trucks, I realize the gap is much larger than it looked earlier, I breeze through. Relief… Ada is running, I’ve done it. I’ve never really worked on a truck before, let alone re-wired the whole thing. I get towards the dead-end of the street, the only two hazards are a fire hydrant on the side of the road, and a BMW parked perpendicular to the hydrant. I slow down early and start to execute a three point turn. I move foward to the left and as I get to the other side of the road start to pitch the wheel right and throw it into reverse, and start backing up. BOOM. a loud putter and Ada goes dead. I’m rolling backward towards the BMW and the hydrant. Panic sets in.

I whip the wheel to the left and slam on the brakes and I stop, thankfully. I am able to get ada to back onto the curb to a position where I’m askew on the road, but resting on the curb. Now it’s time to figure out wth is wrong, and can I get home before the sun is down.

It has to be the gas right? I book it back home, get in my car and go grab 2 gallons of gas and feed the truck. Still no dice. I try jumping the truck but again no dice. Finally I get my neighbor (who is basically a mechanic) to come and check it out, at 9PM, bless his heart.

I basically flooded it after I got the gas, after a little help from him, she started back up, and I got her back into the garage.